Dilla Treats

July 6, 2007

“Nothing Like This” by J. Dilla from Chrome Children (2006, Stones Throw)

Stones Throw became such a beautiful home for Dilla. Tracks like this not only got treated with some respect as harder Hip-Hop, but they were positioned so the masses could hear it. The tribal drums, the alluring vocals, and the musical ephiphany make this my favorite Dilla work from the last chapter in his life. -Paine

“That was some left field Dilla s**t! I love the way he didn’t reach to make that track dope. He did what he felt, which was sing over that s**t. That’s my s**t on the Chrome Children record. Dilla is the king of beats.”Guilty Simpson

“Let’s Ride” by Q-Tip from Amplified (1999, Arista)

Q-Tip’s Slum Village campaigning was key in making Jay Dee a household name amongst beat junkies before SV even got their chance shine. So of course their collabs would always gratify, and here, forgive the cliché writer speak, “cascading keys” is really the best way to describe this groove anchored by…those drums, those drums. –Aqua <br><br>


Camp Lo-Ahh

July 6, 2007

“Ticket For 2”

Just as buttery smooth as you’d expect a Ski concoction to be.

Spaces & Places Be Fly

July 6, 2007

Hello world!

July 4, 2007

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